Ventgripz Magnetic Air Vent Mount

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Buy 2 or more for family/other cars & save money!

Why do you need Ventgripz?

It's not just stylish & convenient. Ventgripz prevents you from having to glance down to see your phone which is the number 1 cause of traffic accidents in the U.S.

 Key Features

Works With ANY Phone in ANY Car. Jeep, Subaru, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, you name it
Built with 2 different sized grips to fit both thick and thin vents
Simple, Effortless Installation. Mounts like Proclips take way too long to install
Magnetic Grip allows for Easy On/Off application
4x the Magnetic Strength of any mount on the market. You can hit those turns as fast as you like
If you don't like it, send it back! FREE 12 MONTH warranty & hassle free refunds
Unmatched customer service. If you have a problem, reach out & we’ll do anything to fix it.


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    If you're fine with a mount that'll be in the trash in a week, Ventgripz is not for you. If you don't want to waste money on a cheap knockoff, you know what to do.


    What's Inside

    • 1x VentGripz Magnetic Mount
    • 1x Round Metal Plate w/ Adhesive (secures phone to magnetic mount)
    • 1x Square Metal Plate w/ Adhesive (secures phone to magnetic mount)


    We’re the real deal. Check out some pics & reviews from our Instagram below